Mar 17, 2018
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Respect Due : Bobbito Garcia – March 31st Redrocks Wash DC 10 PM

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respect due
re·spect due
/rəˈspekt d(y)o͞o/


an event celebrating the accomplishments of and expressing deep admiration for the cultural warriors who have elevated artistic expression that we hold near, dear and necessary. Individuals who have made a life’s work furthering the landscape in style, quality, and/or achievement through perseverance and integrity, vision and excellence.

“You tell your folk to get their tickets yet? They will definitely get left, cause I’m not gonna miss out on respect due…”

synonyms: the party you can’t miss, the joint everyone’s gonna be talking about, critical mass in culture which you thought no longer existed in DC, a gathering of good human beings, the ungentrifiable

Bobbito Garcia and his crates will be in the house with a one off set guaranteed to take you to new and wonderful places, as well as touch some of those places you love and those you forgot about. We are proud to present the inaugural Respect Due. And who better to headline than Kool Bob Love himself?

DJ Jahsonic and DJ Divine on the assist AND the alley-oop.

soul · funk · classics · latin · r&b · reggae · brazilian · house · hip-hop · disco · jazz · neo-soul · disco

IG: @koolboblove, @jahsonicdc, @djdivinedc

Advance Tickets via Eventbrite